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30-Dec-2017 09:45

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Therefore, the word FUCK(S) is scandalous because it conveys the commercial connotation of “no coitus given”.

A mark is scandalous when the evidence demonstrates that a substantial composite of the general public (although not necessarily a majority) would consider the mark to be scandalous in the context of contemporary attitudes and the relevant marketplace. The fact that profane words may be uttered more freely in contemporary American society than in the past does not render such words any less profane.

Apparently, yelling expletives into a loudspeaker on public property no longer constitutes offensive language. In September 2015, three protesters were charged by police for chanting swear words at a Community Action Against Homophobia (CAAH) protest against conservative Christian Democrat politician Fred Nile.In re Tinseltown, Inc., 212 USPQ 863, 866 (TTAB 1981) (holding the mark BULLSHIT scandalous for handbags and other personal accessories); see In re Michalko, 110 USPQ2d 1949, 1953 (TTAB 2014) (holding the mark ASSHOLE REPELLENT scandalous for a spray can gag gift).